Peter Floyd

Director of Sales
Brief info

Peter is a veteran of the specialty coffee world with extensive experience in sales and operations of high-quality specialty coffee businesses. He leads and coaches the sales team at Dilworth Coffee, overseeing the delivery of great coffee experiences to coffee shops, cafes, specialty retailers, universities and hospitals, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality venues.

Prior to joining Dilworth Coffee, Peter was Director of Sales and Operations Facilitator at Larry’s Coffee in Raleigh. While at Larry’s Coffee, he spearheaded the development of institutional business, dramatically growing coffee sales to hospitals, universities and other large organizations.

Peter is a risk taker and believes that honest work yields great rewards. He’s a family man who believes in giving back to the community through volunteering for causes like Habitat for Humanity and the Lupus Foundation.

Peter loves specialty coffee and favors medium and dark roasts with mild acidity and undertones of chocolate and berries. His favorite brew method is the French Press because it accentuates the flavor profile of the deepest, richest coffees.