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March Feature Drink Recipes

It’s far from Irish, but it is most certainly green. Ahead of St. Paddy’s Day (yes, March will be upon us before you know it), we’re arming you with everything you need to know about the greenest of green teas…matcha!

What was once regarded by Bon Appetit as “The Next Big Thing in Tea” is now cited as the fastest growing segment of the tea market. Matcha is a hit for many reasons – it’s packed with health benefits, has a delicious fresh-tea taste, and it looks darn gorgeous (Matcha Snail Latte, anyone?). It’s even attracted an investment by rapper Drake which really increased the cool factor.

What makes our Nice Matcha so special? Well, in addition to being pure, smooth, stone-ground deliciousness, here’s the basic equation Nice Matcha lives by:

Low in sugar + dairy free = More fun!

Why? Because with lower sugar content and no dairy, you can customize Nice Matcha to your heart’s delight. That means fun recipes featuring seasonal flavors and alternative milks.

So get your menus matcha’ed ahead of St. Paddy’s Day with recipes that will have your customers breaking down your doors to get themselves a pot of (green!) gold.

Dilworth Coffee
Quarterly Featured DRinks:  March 2020

Nice Matcha Latte 

  Ingredient Small (12 oz.) Med (16 oz.) Large (20 oz.)
1 Two Leaves Nice Matcha Powder
1 heaping TBSP
2 flat TBSP
2 heaping TBSP
2 Milk or Milk Alternative
Optional Choice of Torani Puremade Syrup any flavor
2 Pumps
3 Pumps
4 Pumps

*Prepare your cup with the appropriate amount of Nice Matcha powder. (Pro-tip; add a small amount of hot water to the powder and stir it up to a “espresso like texture” for more homogenized beverage. This is called a “Starter”). Steam your milk or milk alternative and pour over the starter, as you would with an espresso beverage. If you like your matcha with a hint of sweetness, add some Torani Puremade syrup. We love this tea with Vanilla or Maple.