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Fresh Coffee is the Best Coffee

Fresh Coffee

At Dilworth, we want you to know about the coffee that goes into your cup. Because processes that degrade beans begin soon after roasting, fresh coffee that is stored properly has the best flavor.

To understand the importance of fresh coffee, let’s start with the process of roasting. Roasting coffee begins when heat is introduced to the green coffee beans. Inside the roaster, the sugars and amino acids in green coffee beans combine to start what is known as the Maillard Reaction.

Simply put, the Maillard Reaction is chemical reaction that was first described in 1912 by French chemist Louis-Camille Maillard. This chemical reaction is what gives browned or toasted food its distinctive flavor. Many types of foods, such as cookies, breads, caramel and chocolate undergo this reaction. And, of course, it is what leads to the wonderful smell, taste, and color of coffee.

During roasting, carbon dioxide also forms inside the beans. As soon as the beans are dumped into the roasting machine’s cooling tray, the gas is released. In this process, which is called degassing, the carbon dioxide is slowly replaced by oxygen.

Though oxygen is a very good thing in many situations (such as breathing), it can also be one of nature’s most destructive forces. When oxygen comes into contact with some compounds, such as organic matter and some metals, it alters the compound’s molecular composition. Oxidation happens.

Oxidation is a process in which oxygen pulls electrons away from another molecule, making the compound unstable. Sparing you a really deep scientific explanation, the results are things like rusting, browning or staling. So, the processes that make a bright copper penny turn dark, a cut apple become brown or–yes–coffee become stale, are all related.

In coffee, oxygen reacts with the oils and solubles that give the coffee its unique taste. As time passes, flavors become less pronounced, resulting coffee that tastes flat and stale. There is no getting around this natural process but it can be slowed; after you open a bag of Dilworth Coffee at home, store it in an airtight container to prolong its taste. We want the beverages you make at home taste as good as the ones you get in your local Dilworth Coffee shop!

To find out more about all of the types of fresh coffee available from Dilworth Coffee, visit your local Dilworth Coffee shop. If you are seeking wholesale coffee, call us at 866 849 1862.