Building a community around great coffee is what we do.

That starts with a deep understanding of all aspects of growing, harvesting, processing, tasting, roasting and blending coffee. We call this Beanology.

We then test brewing techniques and provide training on how to get the most out of every bean through the six essential elements of brewing a proper cup of coffee. We hold monthly full-day trainings on Coffee & Espresso Basics to help our customers and their staff understand Brewology.

Our goal to deliver an exceptional coffee experience to coffee lovers who visit our Dilworth Coffee shops and our wholesale customers is called Guestology. Learn more about our approach to customer service in our article “Heads Up Customer Service.”

A great experience starts with our set of core values, which allow us to operate efficiently and focus on continually improving our customer experience.

Our Core Values

  • Be friendly
  • Work smart
  • Be respectful, proud yet humble
  • Be innovative, entrepreneurial and curious
  • Be passionate about customer success
  • Do the right thing, not the convenient thing