Buy Wholesale Specialty Coffee

Dilworth Coffee partners with the best cafes, restaurants and specialty retail stores in the country to provide “roast to order” wholesale coffee. Please call us at 866 849 1682 to set up a wholesale account and visit to explore our coffee offerings.

Bulk Coffee
High Quality – Custom Roasted – Consistently Fresh
• suitable for foodservice and coffee shop applications
• exclusively “roast-to-order”
• 5 lb. packaging standard
• customizable packaging sizes from 2 lbs – 40 lbs

Packaged Retail Coffee
Top Independent Brand – Increase Sales – Craft Roasted Specialty Coffee
• suitable for cafes, restaurants and specialty retail environments
• craft roasted and packed-to-order
• order whole bean or ground
• 12 oz Dilworth Coffee packaging standard

Private Label Coffee

No matter what your coffee needs, our exclusive roaster Stockton Graham & Co.® can create a tailored solution to meet your specifications. They can private label your coffee to reinforce your brand and further establish your shop as a destination for great coffee. Their packaging options enable you to increase shop efficiencies and capture additional sales by allowing guests to take your signature coffees home. Call us for more information.

Call us at 866 849 1682 to discuss wholesale coffee.