Beanology is the art and science of sourcing, roasting and blending coffee. Dilworth Coffee was one of the very first direct importers of specialty coffees in North Carolina, and we continue to source only the finest Arabica beans available.

Green Bean Sourcing

We start by sourcing exceptional quality green beans. Dilworth Coffee uses only high quality arabica beans. We focus on buying only high grown beans, matured slowly and full of unique soil characteristics of each respective growing region. Our team of coffee experts, work with select brokers and importers to ensure we are only buying the high quality beans from each season’s crop that meets our desired taste profile. We also visit farms of countries of origin to develop relationships with the growers to ensure consistency of quality. We receive dozens of green bean samples from all regions and only purchase the best tasting beans available. We are continuously taste profiling these samples to ensure our choices consistently are the exceptional coffees in the market every year.

Craft Roasting Philosophy

Dilworth Coffee doesn’t have just one roasting style. We roast coffee in small batches using our own roast profiles for each type of coffee. This means we roast coffee to the point where we think the best characteristics of each coffee are most fully developed. Our roasting philosophy means we offer a full range of roasts, as visible by our color variation. With many of our competitors, all you have to do is look at their coffee to see they are using a uniform roasting style.  Dilworth Coffee understands that no two types of coffee are the same, so we believe they should not be treated the same in the roasting process. We also know that different tastes appeal to different people, so we provide a range of roast profiles from light to dark.

Blends: Our Specialty

Since inception in 1989, we have developed numerous signature blends to offer an even wider variety of unique coffees to our customers. We love our varietals, as each type of coffee has its own unique characteristics. However, when you pair several of these fine coffees together, you can create something unique and outstanding. Over the years, we have created new blends that are so exceptional that we add them to our permanent product line.

Flavored Coffees

We do offer a variety of flavored arabica beans, which is a competitive advantage for you over many competitors, including the national chains. Many of your customers may be new to the world of specialty coffee; so flavored coffee is often a great introduction for them. Unlike many companies that sell flavored beans, we use only high-grown, 100% arabica beans.