Allied Products

Creating and serving hand-crafted frappes, lattes, café mochas and other top selling espresso drinks requires a variety of products from flavored syrups to whipped cream chargers and cups—we call these items allied products.

Through our parent company Stockton Graham & Co., Dilworth Coffee offers access to options designed to enhance and complement your specialty coffee selections including:

Syrups, Sauces, Teas, Cocoas & Smoothie Mixes

  • Flavored syrups and sweeteners from Torani, Monin and DaVinci Gourmet
  • Liquid and powdered chai concentrates from Oregon Chai, Torani and Big Train
  • Teas from Two Leaves & A Bud and Mighty Leaf
  • Frappe and blended drink bases from Torani, Big Train, Cafe D’Amore and Cafe Essentials
  • Cocoas and chocolate sauces and powders from Ghirardelli, Big Train and Cafe Essentials
  • Smoothie concentrates from Dr. Smoothie, Torani, Monin and Jet
  • Smoothie Add-ins from Smoothie-Ceuticals and Dr. Smoothie

Brewing & Holding

  • Filters from Bunn and Fetco
  • Brew carafes and cones from Melitta, Hario and Chemex
  • Airpots and airpot racks from Bunn
  • Pumps and squeeze bottles from Torani, Monin and Ghirardelli
  • Tea display racks and boxes from Mighty Leaf and Two Leaves & A Bud

Serving & Take Out Supplies

  • Paper cups and lids from Solo
  • Cold cups and lids from Dart
  • Straws, stir sticks, cup jackets and cup carriers

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Machine cleaners and brushes from Urnex