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Organic Hondouras Pour Over


Our Director of coffee Brad Kirby wants to share one of his favorite ways to enjoy our Organic Honduras . Brewing with Chemex is great way to bring out the orange citrus and caramel highlights in our Organic Honduras .

Organic Honduras Santa Lucia Reserve is the highest quality coffee produced at Finca Santa Lucia near the the town of Los Planes in the department of Comayagua, Honduras. Located in a national mountain reserve, the farm benefits from high altitudes, plentiful clean water, and well-defined seasons. This allows for consistently excellent cherry development and the ability to sun-dry the beans at the farm. Owner Raul Rodriguez is a third-generation coffee farmer and is as interested in the quality of life of his employees as he is with the quality of his coffee. We work directly with Raul and his family to bring you this coffee.

What will you need?

2.Chemex filter
3.Digital Scale and timer
4.Coffee grinder
5.Organic Honduras Coffee beans
6.Gooseneck kettle for controlled pours
7.A mug of your choice

For starters

Decide on the amount of coffee you would like to brew and your desired brewing ratio. We recommend a 1/16 ratio and here is our recipe:


Chemex 8 cup brewer (w/ Chemex square bleached or unbleached filters)

Ratio – 42.5g of coffee to 680g of filtered water (16:1)

Grind – Medium-Coarse

Time – 4min (including a 30 sec bloom)

Water Temp – 200-205 degrees Fahrenheit

Bloom the ground coffee bed for 30 sec with ~75g of hot water.

Done blooming!

After the bloom phase pour 2-5 times to reach 680 grams by 2:30 to 3 minutes. That should allow a final brew time of 4 minutes or less.