Freight & More FAQ’S

Freight & More Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ’s”)

About Dilworth Coffee’s Freight & More Program

These Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ’s are our Terms and Conditions for our freight and more program and our complete Terms and Conditions for all accounts are located at Wholesale FAQ page.

Does Dilworth Coffee/Stockton Graham & Co. offer free shipping?

Free shipping on over 1500 eligible items when you sign up for the Freight and More Program. Minimum order for free shipping is $75.00 per eligible location. With the Freight and More Program, there are no additional packaging or handling charges. Currently, the program is available by invitation only. At this time, there is no set date when it will be opened to other customers.

What is the lead time for orders placed when enrolled in Freight and More?

 For standard stocked items, if your order is received by noon (Eastern Time) on business days, Monday through Friday, it will ship that day.

What is the minimum order size to qualify for fast and free shipping? 

The minimum order is $75.00 of Freight and More eligible items shipping to an enrolled address.

What is an Eligible Location?

Eligible locations are typically commercial delivery addresses, as denoted by Fed Ex. Non-commercial addresses or residential delivery addresses may be enrolled in Freight & More, but may be subject to a residential delivery fee, assessed by the carrier.

What is the Dilworth Coffee Freight & More Program?

Freight & More is a freight subscription service that gives subscribers access to priority order processing and free standard ground and common carrier shipping on over 1,500 eligible coffees and products and many more benefits. The current monthly subscription fee is $99 for the primary location and each additional registered address is $49/month.

How do I enroll in Freight and More?

First, complete a Dilworth Coffee Account Agreement Form and the Freight and More Subscription Form. After approval of your account, you will be sent an invoice for $1.00 that will enable you to create an account on our online order and portal.

Do I have to order online to access the Freight and More benefits?

Yes, placing your orders online at is required to achieve the Freight and More benefits. Additionally, you also have access to Volume Order Discounts and additional promotional and sale items.

What are my volume discounts for ordering online?

We offer two types of discounts for online ordering.  The first are full case discounts and are reflected online.  Second, we offer discounts on larger orders.  The more you order the more you save!  Per order discounts, excludes equipment and services, for ordering online are as follows:

Save Order Size Discount Code
$10 Over $500 $10 SAVE10X50
$15 Over $750 $15 SAVE15X75
$25 Over $1000 $25 SAVE25X10
$50 Over $1500 $50 SAVE50X15
$100 Over $2000 $100 SAVE100X2

Why are there additional charges for freight, shipping or sales tax appearing in my cart at check out?

In processing commercial orders on our portal, we do NOT charge your card until the item ships to you. When you place our order, we initiate a pre-authorization for the order and possible freight/accessorial charges and possible sales and use taxes. The final determination of the amount to be invoiced and charged to your card occurs at the time the goods are shipped to you. You will be sent an email with the final totals.  The final sales and use tax determinations are made based on the item, the ship to address and the Sales and Use Tax Exemption form for the ship to location. If part of When you become a member of our Freight and More program and you are shipping to a standard commercial address, there is NO freight fee.

I have more than one location, do I need a separate subscription for each location?

Yes, you are permitted to purchase additional addresses if you have multiple addresses associated with your account. You must first enroll with one of your shipping addresses on the enrollment page. You can then enroll additional subscriptions for only $49 per month. Must meet minimum order for each location. Just complete the Additional Location Subscription page to add each additional location.

What charges are not covered by a Freight and More Subscription?

Freight and More does not cover accessorial or charges above the normal or standard ground shipping for commercial addresses. These include such services as delivery appointments, lift gates and other special services.  Residential addresses may incur an additional per package delivery charge.

How long does it take to deliver to my business?

The processing time of an order on eligible items is generally in before noon, it processes that day ready to ship that afternoon. We have targeted 1-2 business day shipping time frame on ground orders. We primarily ship with FedEx ground.

How do I cancel the program?

You can cancel your subscription through your friendly sales representative and the required form; email or call 800.835.5943. You can cancel an additional location or all locations. A cancellation must be received with 2 business days for it to be effective before it is renewed. We do not pro-rate or refund subscription fees prior to the renewal date.

Is the Freight and More Subscription taxable?

In certain states and jurisdictions, we are required to collect the applicable sales and use taxes on the subscription fee, based upon the Ship To address, unless the appropriate Sales Tax Exemption Form is completed.

When and how is my subscription billed each month.

Subscriptions are renewed on the anniversary of the initial enrollment date.  The actual renewal or preauthorization of your form of payment can occur up to 48 hours or two business days before the actual renewal date. This is to help us ensure there are no billing efforts to prevent you from enjoying all the benefits of Freight and More Program.

Where does Dilworth Coffee/Stockton Graham & Co ship from?

Our roastery and principal warehouse is located at 4320 Delta Lake Dr., Raleigh, NC 27612. Additional warehouses maybe employed and while we strive to ship complete from one location, they may be shipped from multiple warehouses.

How do I use my Dilworth Coffee Training Discount?

Freight and More subscribers save twenty percent (20%) off our scheduled Dilworth Coffee Training Courses.  Contact to have them schedule your training sources and apply the discount.

What does it mean my Freight & More account is Locked?

Your account is placed in the “locked” state if your payment fails to process before your renewal date. This does not mean your account is cancelled. In order to continue your subscription, you must provide a different credit card within 14 days of your payment processing failure notification. Contact Customer Service for assistance at 800.835.5943 or

How do I know if an item is “eligible” for free shipping under my Freight and More Subscription?

We have over 1500 eligible items to ship under the Freight and More Program.  These include our normally stocked bulk coffees, syrups, sauces, powders, teas and more. Special order items can ship free on a qualifying order. Ineligible items are packaged or specially processed coffees. These require additional lead times and can ship free if they exceed the minimum order size when ready. Equipment, new and used, are not eligible.

I have a question about the Freight and More Program and want more information?

For general information contact us at or complete the information request form.  For questions on billing or invoice, email us at or call us 800.835.5943.

How can I get a complete copy of the Freight and More Terms and Conditions?

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