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Dilworth Feature : Cold Brew Coffee


Our Cold Brew filter packs are about to make your “cold brew lovin’ self” very happy. We’ve taken our smoothest coffee blend and packed it a super convenient, filter pack that is ready for steeping. Each bag comes with three (3) filter packs. Place one pack in 42oz (approximately 5 cups of water) or all three in 1 gallon (128 ounces) of cold water, filtered is best, wait 12 hours, then it’s happy time! The used filter packs can be discarded or composted with no muss or fuss! Enjoy some today!

Our Cold Brew filter packs come in a Case of 3 each case is packed with 6 bags per case and can be found under the SKU : 33-96-00001-12 on the Dilworth online ordering portal!

Cupping notes:

AROMA: Cocoa

BODY: Velvety

FLAVOR: Chocolate, Nutty and Sweet


AFTERTASTE: Sweet Smoothness