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Chocolate Orange Mocha

The Chocolate Orange Mocha

The Chocolate  Orange Mocha is one of our favorite seasonal drinks. Let’s go over what you will need to create this festive and tasty coffee drink!

What do you need?

Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce

Torani Orange Syrup

Your Favorite Dilworth Espresso

Milk or Milk Alternative

Optional – Whip Cream

Optional - Bakers Chocolate

Optional - Orange peel

What is the recipe?

  1. To create the Chocolate Orange Mocha start by prepping your favorite latte cup with 2 pumps of Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce and Torani Orange Syrup.
  2. Pull your favorite Dilworth Espresso shots .
  3. ensure the syrup and sauce is mixed well with the espresso.
  4. Steam your milk of choice and pour into the espresso mixture.
  5. Top with whipped cream, grated chocolate and orange peel curl ( or grated orange zest)
  Ingredient Small (12 oz.) Med (16 oz.) Large (20 oz.)
1 Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce 2 Pumps 2 Pumps 3 Pumps
2 Torani Orange Syrups 2 Pumps 3 Pumps 4 Pumps
3 Dilworth Espresso 2 shots 2 Shots 4 Shots
4 Milk or Milk Alternative 7-8 oz 11-12 oz 15-16 oz
5 Optional – whip cream Garnish on top Garnish on top Garnish on top
6 Optional – Bakers Chocolate Garnish on top Garnish on top Garnish on top
7 Optional – Orange peal Garnish on top Garnish on top Garnish on top
The cool part about Torani Orange Syrup it wont curdle your milk like most orange syrups!