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Explaining Our Units Of Measure

To Ensure you are getting the exact quantities you are looking for we have put together a guide that shows what each of our units of measure equate to. Be sure to check quantities as you add to your shopping cart and at checkout!

Cases Vs. Bottle

1 ) CS12 = A case of 12 – Cases can not be broken up into single units

2 ) BTL = A single bottle  – Can be ordered in any quantity

Bag Vs. Case

1 ) LB = A single Bag  – Can be ordered in any quantity

2) CS06 = A case of 6 – Cases can not be broken up into single units


1 ) Each = Sold by a single unit

If you have any questions, please call your friendly Dilworth Coffee account representative or at (800)-835-5943.

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Dilworth Coffee – Wholesale Online Ordering Portal / Available Now


Congratulations on taking the next steps to ordering with ease with the Dilworth Coffee online ordering platform or (Portal). Below is a complete guide on how to get started with a list of resources to explain features of the online ordering.Once you have created an account (If you haven’t CLICK HERE) you can log into your new Portal account with this link : HERE – Be sure to save this under your bookmarked favorites for quick access.

When you first log into your account be sure to review and confirm your account details. To do so click My Account in the Quick Access Menu.

 Next look for My Addresses after this has been selected you will be able to add your address for your business by clicking Add Address in the upper right as shown bellow. Make sure you only enter in the first 5 digits of your zip code and not the +4.

After you added your Address locate and click the Saved Credit Cards Tab, here you will then add the credit card associated with your business that you make your purchases with. To add a card click the red button in the top right corner after you are on the Saved Credit Cards Tab

You are now ready to explore the freedom of online ordering with Dilworth Coffee! Click on the home button shown in the picture bellow and begin shopping by clicking on the shop tab.

If you have any questions please call your friendly Dilworth Coffee account representative. (800)-835-5943

-Setting up your account-

Step-By-Step Setup Click here!

-Logging in your account –

Step-By-Step Login Click Here!

Favorites and History Explanation

Adding Favorites and History FAQ




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Search & Brand Search

Easy to find products

a step-by-step overview on how to find any product on the Dilworth coffee online ORDERING platform!

Log into your Wholesale Account and navigate to the Shop under Products & Ordering.

Next, locate the categories tab on the left hand side and click BRANDS. This will create a drop-down menu.

The brands menu will allow you to navigate through all of our carried brands to either ad them to your cart or favorites list.

Another option that is available is to search for your item in the search tab located directly next to the home button.

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Adding Favorites

Adding to your Dilworth Coffee Online Favorites

Your Dilworth Favorites list is a great way to keep track of your favorite items, frequently ordered favorites, and create multiple favorite lists for different purposes! Below is a video and text walk through of how to add to and manage your favorites list!







Video Walk-Through

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Online Ordering Is Now Available!

Dilworth Online Ordering

Online ordering gives you a convenient way to access your business account from a smartphone, tablet, or computer giving you the freedom to order your favorite Dilworth Coffee supplies and manage your business from ANYWHERE!

How to Sign up

If you have not received an invitation email yet or want to get started right away head on over to or directly apply by clicking here

For Step By Step Instructions See The Video or Text Below 

1. Under the wholesale tab select Wholesale Ecommerce Login

dilworth coffee


2.  Select Create a login for your account

create login


Next provide your most recent invoice information

1. Customer number is your account number
2. Invoice number with numbers only! Exclude the -IN


(3. Most recent invoice total)

Insert above information into the form

For more detailed step by step see the video tutorial above.



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Opening a Coffee Shop

Pyramid of Profitability

Opening a coffee shop. Even if it is your dream, it may seem complicated. And in a world where coffee lines die out as frequently as Billboard one-hit wonders (remember Los Del Rio’s “Macarena” or James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful”?), building a coffee business that’s built to last takes more than inspiration.

Building a successful coffee business — whether you are just opening a coffee shop or you’ve been in business for decades— is all about blending the art and business of coffee. Whether you’re a celebrated musician or a professional accountant looking to start your own coffee business, Dilworth Coffee and our parent company Stockton Graham & Co. will take you on a 5-step process that can help ensure your profitability. We call this process our Pyramid of Profitability.

  1. Plan

One of the first serious steps you’ll take toward opening your coffee shop is creating a business plan. Take some time to think about your business strategy: what’s unique to your vision, what do you do best and what do you enjoy? Think about what you want to sell and what type of people you want as customers. Then write this down.

The business plan document sounds daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Simply write down in bullet format the answers to these questions:

  1. What do I love doing?
  2. What can I be really good at?
  3. What can I make money doing?
  4. Who are my potential customers?
  5. Where do those people shop now?
  6. How can I be better than the place those people shop now?

To formalize your plan, ask us for our Marketing Area Profile (MAP). This free tool can help you document your current situation, competition, target market and areas for growth, as well as marketing opportunities you may be underutilizing.

If you’re eager to open a coffee shop but are daunted by starting one on your own, you should consider partnering with an established coffee shop brand like Dilworth Coffee. Dilworth Coffee is a quintessential southern coffee shop with an excellent brand reputation started in Charlotte, NC in 1989. Stockton Graham & Co., based in Raleigh, began managing the Dilworth Coffee licensed concept in 2016. We believe life is better with great coffee so we are committed to making great coffee experiences accessible to both coffee shop owners and profitable, high-end coffee consumers.

In joining the Dillworth brand you will have access to our coffee, a top 3 regional specialty coffee product.* You will also benefit from our deep expertise in multi-unit coffee businesses. Partnership with our brand is less expensive than a franchise with similar support and those who do join us enjoy owner flexibility within a profitable structure.

  1. People

No enterprise is successful without the right people. From your baristas and other staff to promoters of your shop and vendors, all the people in your circle should be committed to your vision. People who are committed to your vision are naturally committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve the skills and competencies to make that vision successful.

With more than three decades of experience running coffee businesses, the team at Stockton Graham & Co. can help you identify experts both in and out of your company. We also offer a series of coffee educational courses, including our popular Coffee College 101, to help you and your staff become experts at preparing and serving specialty coffee and operating a specialty coffee business.

  1. Place

Whether you are opening a new store or have an existing store you want to grow, so many aspects of your location, layout and atmosphere are keys to repeat business and overall success. We can offer ideas and feedback on real estate and traffic flow, counter and work area design, back of the house layout, seating, store design and branding, merchandising and point-of-sale display, as well as creating a sensory atmosphere that guests will want to return to time and again. More importantly, you can draw on our expertise on how to position your espresso and coffee brewing stations within your space to create an extraordinary experience for your customers.

  1. Products

When you have a good idea of characteristics of the customers you seek for your business, we can help you understand how to serve that customer segment. That’s because each customer segment has different ordering preferences and menu requirements. The team at Stockton Graham & Co. can help you understand your costs for different menu items and source everything you need from craft-roasted coffees and other specialty beverage items to the right equipment and supplies. With extensive knowledge in logistics and inventory control, our team can help you better understand how they affect your product costs, as well. We can even connect you with companies that specialize in financing for coffee businesses.

  1. Promotions

Having operated coffee shops ourselves, we understand that building strong promotional programs can seem overwhelming. That’s why we simplify it using our F.A.T Philosophy. We start with your Marketing Area Profile (MAP) and help you set goals designed to convince your guests to visit more often (Frequency), sell them more during each visit (Average Ticket) and get new customers in the door (Trial), or “F.A.T.”, resulting in a FAT bottom line! Other promotional tools including point of sale materials.

Our internationally award-winning in-house creative team brings a wealth of talent and experience to projects from package design to logo creation. We help customers build private brand coffee awareness and trial through development of public relations, social, digital and print media campaigns, eye-catching point-of-sale and innovative in-store displays.

If you are thinking about opening a coffee shop or already have a specialty coffee business, feel free to contact us. We can provide more detail and explore how we can help you succeed. For initial discussions, reach out to our Director of Business Development Thom Swain at or 866 849 1682.