Business Portal FAQ’s


These Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQ’s) specifically apply to Business Online Ordering Portal and orders placed utilizing it. For FAQ’s regarding the Retail Online Ordering. Our Wholesale Business Terms and Conditions are listed here for all Wholesale Business Accounts. The FAQ’s are also available for download : Portal FAQ’s Download.

How to get started with a Business Online Ordering Portal Account?

To create a Business Online Ordering Portal Account (‘Portal”), you will need a recent Dilworth Coffee Wholesale Business invoice. Using the data form the invoice, account number, invoice total and invoice amount. You can create an account by clicking here. We have created a step by step video and instruction guide here.

What should I do first upon creating my Portal Account?

For your newly created Portal Account, log in and check the basic information. Names, contact information, bill to and ship to addresses. Then enter your credit card information, remembering to only use the first 5 digits of your billing zip code. Then you can review your list of “Most Frequently Ordered Items’ to create your own “Favorites” list or lists. This will help you to quickly get your first order submitted.

What if I do not have a Dilworth Coffee Wholesale Account?

Wholesale Accounts are available for customers who are buying for their business, such as coffee shops, gourmet shops, espresso bars and kiosks, and more. To set up a Wholesale Business Account, you will need to complete our Dilworth Coffee Account .  Applications typically take one to two business days to process.

Alternatively, you may call a Customer Care Associate at 800.835.5943 to start the process of setting up a wholesale business account and guide you on the next steps of setting up.

What are there additional charges for freight, shipping or sales tax appearing in my cart at check out?

In processing commercial orders on our portal, we do NOT charge your card until the items ship to you.  When you place our order, we initiate a pre-authorization for the order and possible freight/accessorial charges and possible sales and use taxes. The final determination of the amount to be invoiced and charged to your card occurs at the time the goods are shipped to you. You will be sent an email invoice with the final totals.  The final sales and use tax determinations are made based on the item, the ship to address and the Sales and Use Tax Exemption form for the ship to location.

What are the types of charges in addition to freight and sales taxes are there?

Basic freight charges are “basic”.  They typically cover the costs of shipping from one address to a business location during normal business hours. For ground shipping extra or accessorial charges could include such items as: out of area; signature required; weekend delivery; multiple delivery attempts; expedited and more.  For LTL or truck deliveries, these include items such as lift gates; freeze protection for winter months; delivery appointments, and more.  Our customer care team is here to assist you with a freight quote or determining your shipping costs.

I want to order coffee for my home or do not qualify for a business wholesale account, how can I order Dilworth Coffee And What is the difference between a wholesale and retail account?

Wholesale Business Accounts are exclusively reserved for businesses or those involved in the trade or business of specialty coffee. Generally, you must register in your state as a business or qualified similar type entity and complete the Wholesale Business Account Agreement Form to be considered for a wholesale business account. You may download and complete the Account Agreement Form and email your paperwork to or mail it to Dilworth Coffee c/o Stockton Graham & Co., P.O. Box 90545, Raleigh NC 27675. Please allow up to three business days from receipt of your application to set up your wholesale account.

You can order Dilworth Coffee for your home or as a gift at our online retail store at

What is a Tax-exempt form?

Businesses that have set up a wholesale account with us may qualify to NOT have certain state sales or use taxes assessed on purchases from Dilworth Coffee.  We will need to have properly completed sales and use tax forms on file with Dilworth Coffee. The files can be found below.

NC Tax-exempt Form

SC Tax-exempt Form

CO Tax-exempt Form

Why is there Freight on my coffee only order or an order containing other items?

Wholesale coffee orders of 30 pounds or more ship Free! We DO NOT charge your card when you check out on the Portal. We utilize in business a preauthorization to ensure the funds will be available when the order ships, typically within a business day. Many of our customers have orders combining coffee with syrups, sauces, cups, and more items and estimates for the cost of friend and handling are included when placing the order. However, we deduct the coffee freight when the order is shipped and invoiced to you.

How do I use a Discount code?

There are a few simple rules to remember. Discount codes are treated as a coupon or promotion to be entered when checking out and only one may be used per order. Codes can be used one time only per account. However, some like our volume discounts and be used every order. Discounts should be reflected in the cart at checkout and will be reflected on your final receipt when the item ships.

What are your volume discounts and when are they applied?

We offer a variety of savings every day when using our Business Online Ordering Portal.  The most common are our volume discounts where the more you order, the more you save on each order. Per order discounts, excludes equipment and services, for ordering online are as follows:

Save On Invoices Volume Discount Code
$10 Over $500 SAVE10X50
$15 Over $750 SAVE15X75
$25 Over $1000 SAVE25X10
$50 Over $1500 SAVE50X15
$100 Over $2000 SAVE100X2

Why does my coffee show up as being Backordered at check out?

There is never a backorder on coffee! Coffee is made to order but we are almost never out!  Thus, there is no inventory to show as in stock on your order. The exceptions on our limited time offering coffees or the end of the harvest cycles.

How are your coffees sold?

Our bulk food service bags of coffee are mostly sold whole bean in a 5-pound or 2-pound bag.  The unit price reflected is per pound, while the price reflected for the item and in your cart is for the one 5-pound or 2-pound bag. Adding one unit of a 5-pound coffee SKU to your cart means it is a 5-pound bag and 3 units of the same coffee would be 3 5-pound bags or 15 pounds total.

Our retail 12 oz coffees are sold in a case of 6 12 oz bag. These are whole bean and available by the case only.  Single 212oz bags are available at our retail web store.

How can I get ground coffee?

Customer using our wholesale portal are ordering for their store or business and typically grind on site prior to brewing.  However, we do recognize some customers may not want to grind the coffee or more commonly do not have a grinder for flavored coffees. To help accommodate our customers, we have a note section when ordering that you can list the instructions on what to grind.  We have also listed some of the most ground coffees in a ground SKU option.

Can I order custom roast and house coffee, How can I get coffees with my label on it?

Yes, you can have a custom roast, blend, or house coffee. We also offer private label coffee services.  Our sales and customer support team can you help with your options and next steps.  Once your custom roast, blend or private label items are established, you can order online.  Contact us at or 800.835.5943.

I noticed some of my non coffee items are showing as back order when checking out?

To ensure a wide selection of items, we are constantly receiving items in our warehouse each week. Upon receiving the truck of new shipments, it may take a day or so to get the orders inspected, stocked, and inputted into our system. We ask that you place in your cart and order what you like.  Upon receiving your order, we will attempt to fulfill the items you wanted while keeping the order going out on time. We will then advise of you want items were back ordered and estimated time for them to ship. At this point, you will have the option of cancelling and reordering or wait to receive them

Alternately, you can select the option “Add item to Watch List”. You will then be notified by the email associated with your account of when the item is back is back in stock.

When do I know my order is shipped?

This is too fold.  First you will receive the final invoice on the day your order shipped.  Our ground carrier, Fed Ex will also send the tracking details to the email associated with the ship to location.

How do I make changes to a current or pending order?

Once you check out of your cart, to make a change, the quickest way is to send an email to or call 800.835-5943. Once submitted, can move quickly through our system. However, we will do what we can to accommodate.  For add on items, we will try to ship together for you, but cannot guarantee they will.

Can I leave special notes for my order?

Yes, you can. When checking out of your cart, there is a section to include notes, questions or other items pertaining to your order. We reviewed these as part of the order submission and do our best to accommodate and keep the order processing on time. Alternatively, you can email or call (800) 835-5943. Please include your name, store name and account number. Some requests many delay all or part of your order until we resolve any questions with you.

What is Dilworth Coffee’s Return Policy?

All requests for returns of products ordered on this website must be made within 5 days of delivery. No returns can be accepted without prior authorization, which you can receive by calling 800.835.5943. All product must be sealed, non-expired, and in good condition to be considered for return.

There will be a restocking charge fee of 50% on all coffees. Applicable inbound and outbound freight charges are the responsibility of those requesting the return.

Please include your authorization number on all product returns. Once the product is received and inspected, a credit memo will be issued within 5-7 business days.

Return those orders to

Dilworth Coffee/Stockton Graham & Co.
ATTN: Returns
4320 Delta Lake Drive
Raleigh, NC 27612

How do I report a damaged shipment?

Please inspect all deliveries upon receipt. All claims for damaged shipments must be made within 2 business days of receipt. If a damaged order is received via common ground carrier, please note it with the delivery driver, retain all packing materials with the order and contact Dilworth Coffee at (800) 835-5943 to report the situation. If a damaged order is received via an LTL carrier, please submit the claim directly to the carrier, per Federal Regulations.


What is the difference between Price List and Shop (Product Catalog)?

These are merely different views of the same items. The Price List view lists the items in sequential order, list type view, with minimal information. Amazingly effective to look for what you want but does require you to click on the item to purchase. The Shop or Product Catalog view is a more graphical type view with enhanced product details and allows you to place items directly into your cart or add to your Favorites Listing.

What is a Favorites list and how can I use it?

This is perhaps one of the most useful features of the Portal. This allows you to create multiple lists of items to help speed your ordering.  Many users create the weekly must have features often creating a unique one for each location. Others create seasonal or occasionally purchased items. Create none, one or as many as you like! You can add or remove items form a favorites list, simply by clicking on the heart icon in the item header.

What items are in my frequently ordered items and how does it differ from a Favorites list?

Frequently ordered items are the items ordered on your account form the past invoiced orders. Even if an item was ordered only once or in error, it will appear. We cannot modify this list, but you can use it as the foundation to create your own Favorites list.

What is an Inventory Watch List and I do I use it?

Certain times items maybe out of stock or special-order ones. When you select “add to watch  ”, the Portal will notify you of when the item is in stock and if you want to purchase.  For special order items, we review periodically and will reach out to you about ordering this item for you. For further explanation watch our video.

What is the difference between my Orders and my Invoices?

Orders view will allow you to see all completed, pending and back order items.  Invoices will allow you to view all your final invoices.

Can I pay an invoice online?

Yes, you can safely and securely with 128-bit encryption. To do this, Under the Payments and Credits Tab, select at least one invoice greater than $0.00 and click, follow the prompts. Paying your open items invoices here allows you to pay with a credit card and no additional fees.

What is my account and what information is in it?

Your Account menu section allows you to view all your site activity. From an account overview, editing contact information, addresses, password and saved credit cards.

Why are the credit cards that you have been using on my account not shown online?

Due to the security features of the Portal, we cannot bring over credit cards from our internal servers to the Portal. However, once you enter you preferred payment option, it securely saved in the Portal.

What addresses are shown on my account? Can I change these?

The following addresses should be reflected in your Account Tab on the Portal:”

  • Billing Address
  • Ship to Addresses

We ask that upon setting up your account as well as periodically throughout the year to review these addresses and update them.

How can I quickly find the items I want to order?

The Portal offers several ways to quickly find the items you want to order.

  • The first is My Favorites List. This contains a listing of all the items you previously ordered.
  • The second way to find these items is using a Favorites List. This allows you to keep a listing of the items you order most often or for limited times.
  • Finally, you can use the search function to search for a particular items, case, or alternate item. Just type in a brief search description and let the Portal bring you the item.

If none of these are working, it may be because an item was discontinued. Contact Customer Care at 800.835.5943. or

I am looking for a new coffee or syrup, how can I do that?

The easiest way to do this is to use the Search Feature in the Portal. For instance, searching for “mint”, type “mint” or “mint syrup” for a listing of items we offer in the “mint” category or tag.

I want to order a bottle of syrup, but the site says I can only get a case of 12, do you sell just a bottle?

We sell some items in individual boxes, bags, or bottles, while others are available in the case only.  We have the most used items in stock.  For instance, we may sell a certain flavor of syrup only in a case of 12 GLASS bottles, while we offer the same flavor, same size in a plastic bottle.  If the item you are looking for is available only in a case, using the Search feature of the Portal, you can locate other options available in an individual unit.

For most items, buying the case offers the “best” unit price.