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Featured pour over recipe March 2020

Uganda Gibuzaale

From the beautiful and remote slopes of Mt. Elgon in Eastern Uganda comes this gem of a coffee. Farmed and processed by indigenous groups who have lived on this mountain for millennia, this crop of Uganda Gibuzaale is truly unique.  We source this coffee through a valued importing partner, Crop to Cup Coffee, who’s business was built on helping the farmers of this region bring their coffees to the specialty market.  Year after year the quality of these beans have improved through better sorting of cherry, lot separation, and improvements in drying.  All initiatives led by Crop to Cup Coffee.  On a recent sourcing trip to Uganda our coffee buyer was able to connect with these producers and spend some time discussing how their coffee is brewed and enjoyed in the US.  The group was intrigued to learn about pour-over preparations and single origin espresso made with their coffee.  Moments like this are one major reason we love the work of connecting our customers with great coffees from around the world.

Uganda Gibuzaale has an incredibly silky body accentuated by flavors of ginger, caramel, and plum.  These flavors are not commonly found in one bean which makes this coffee extra special.  To best present Uganda Gibuzaale to your customers I recommend a single cup brewer such as a Kalita or Hario V60 cone.

**For those of you who are feeling a little adventurous, we recommend trying Uganda Gibuzaale as a single origin espresso.  Dose this coffee at 19g and pull a double ristretto shot of no more than 1.25oz total (37-40 grams brewed).  The flavors will become much more rich and a lingering plum tartness will define the after taste.**

Pour-Over Recipe:

Single cup brewer Kalita or Hario V60 (w/ corresponding filter)

Ratio – 1:16 (best to highlight the silky body)

Grind – Medium-Fine

Time – 3min (including a 30 sec bloom)

Tips:  Make sure to pour into the middle of the coffee bed.  Pouring on the edges can result in a weak brew due the water bypassing the bulk of the coffee bed.  Plan to end your pours by 2min to not exceed a 3min total brew time.