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Three Must-Haves!


Roasted Caramel Vanilla

Roasted Caramel Vanilla is a smooth, indulgent combination that warms the palate and tantalizes the tongue. It is perfect for any time of day.


Roasted Caramel Vanilla features classic caramel, with its lip-tingling sweetness and rich buttery body, which takes on whole new dimension when roasted. In this coffee, we combine the elegant flavors of caramelized light brown sugar and natural vanilla with our fine 100% Arabica coffee. This smooth, indulgent combination warms the palate, tantalizes the tongue and makes our Roasted Caramel Vanilla perfect for any time of day.

Did you know?
The term “caramel” actually has two meanings; one is the highest stage of heated sugar, such as “caramelization,” and the other meaning is referring to the candy itself.

NOTE: 2lb and 5lb options, if available, are packaged in a Kraft bag with a Dilworth Coffee branded label.

5LB SKU : 60-90-00289    |      Case SKU : 60-90-00289-12


We have mixed the beloved flavors of boiled brown sugar and butter with our fine Arabica beans to create a rich and sweet Butterscotch coffee that is perfect to sip and enjoy on cold nights.


Noted for its rich creamy texture and remarkably smooth flavor, the combination of boiled brown sugar and butter (which became known as Butterscotch) has long been a favorite treat. We have mixed these beloved flavors with our fine Arabica beans to create our Butterscotch coffee. A steaming cup of this buttery and sweet beverage is perfect to sip and enjoy on cold nights. The aromas alone are guaranteed to bring back memories of everyone’s favorite childhood candies.

Did you know?
Butterscotch candy was first sold in 1851 by confectioners S. Parkinson & Sons of Doncaster, England.

NOTE: 2lb and 5lb options, if available, are packaged in a Kraft bag with a Dilworth Coffee branded label.

5LB SKU : 60-90-00026     |      Case SKU : 60-90-00026-12

Bourbon Pecan Pie

Who doesn’t love a slice of bourbon pecan pie accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee? Even if you lack baking skills, you can now enjoy the famed pie flavors in your cup of fine Arabica.


Who doesn’t associate the smell of a baking bourbon pecan pie with Thanksgiving dinner? That traditional Southern dessert is even better when given a kick from with flavorful spirits. For our Bourbon Pecan Pie coffee, we have combined the flavors of pecan pie (toasted nuts, dark brown sugar and vanilla in a buttery crust), the essence of Kentucky bourbon and fine Arabica beans for a special beverage worthy of any holiday feast. Of course, whether or not you go so far as to add whipped cream to the top is up to you.

Did you know?

By law, bourbon must be produced in the United States and made from a grain mixture that is at least 51% corn. Almost all liquor using this name is distilled in Kentucky.

NOTE: 2lb and 5lb options, if available, will be packaged in a Kraft bag with a Dilworth Coffee branded label.

5LB SKU : 60-90-00020    |    Case SKU : 60-90-00020-12    |     Decaf 5LB SKU : 60-90-00020D      |       Case Decaf SKU : 60-90-00020D-12

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Dilworth Feature : Cold Brew Coffee


Our Cold Brew filter packs are about to make your “cold brew lovin’ self” very happy. We’ve taken our smoothest coffee blend and packed it a super convenient, filter pack that is ready for steeping. Each bag comes with three (3) filter packs. Place one pack in 42oz (approximately 5 cups of water) or all three in 1 gallon (128 ounces) of cold water, filtered is best, wait 12 hours, then it’s happy time! The used filter packs can be discarded or composted with no muss or fuss! Enjoy some today!

Our Cold Brew filter packs come in a Case of 3 each case is packed with 6 bags per case and can be found under the SKU : 33-96-00001-12 on the Dilworth online ordering portal!

Cupping notes:

AROMA: Cocoa

BODY: Velvety

FLAVOR: Chocolate, Nutty and Sweet


AFTERTASTE: Sweet Smoothness



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Organic Hondouras Pour Over


Our Director of coffee Brad Kirby wants to share one of his favorite ways to enjoy our Organic Honduras . Brewing with Chemex is great way to bring out the orange citrus and caramel highlights in our Organic Honduras .

Organic Honduras Santa Lucia Reserve is the highest quality coffee produced at Finca Santa Lucia near the the town of Los Planes in the department of Comayagua, Honduras. Located in a national mountain reserve, the farm benefits from high altitudes, plentiful clean water, and well-defined seasons. This allows for consistently excellent cherry development and the ability to sun-dry the beans at the farm. Owner Raul Rodriguez is a third-generation coffee farmer and is as interested in the quality of life of his employees as he is with the quality of his coffee. We work directly with Raul and his family to bring you this coffee.

What will you need?

2.Chemex filter
3.Digital Scale and timer
4.Coffee grinder
5.Organic Honduras Coffee beans
6.Gooseneck kettle for controlled pours
7.A mug of your choice

For starters

Decide on the amount of coffee you would like to brew and your desired brewing ratio. We recommend a 1/16 ratio and here is our recipe:


Chemex 8 cup brewer (w/ Chemex square bleached or unbleached filters)

Ratio – 42.5g of coffee to 680g of filtered water (16:1)

Grind – Medium-Coarse

Time – 4min (including a 30 sec bloom)

Water Temp – 200-205 degrees Fahrenheit

Bloom the ground coffee bed for 30 sec with ~75g of hot water.

Done blooming!

After the bloom phase pour 2-5 times to reach 680 grams by 2:30 to 3 minutes. That should allow a final brew time of 4 minutes or less.


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Chocolate Orange Mocha

The Chocolate Orange Mocha

The Chocolate  Orange Mocha is one of our favorite seasonal drinks. Let’s go over what you will need to create this festive and tasty coffee drink!

What do you need?

Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce

Torani Orange Syrup

Your Favorite Dilworth Espresso

Milk or Milk Alternative

Optional – Whip Cream

Optional - Bakers Chocolate

Optional - Orange peel

What is the recipe?

  1. To create the Chocolate Orange Mocha start by prepping your favorite latte cup with 2 pumps of Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce and Torani Orange Syrup.
  2. Pull your favorite Dilworth Espresso shots .
  3. ensure the syrup and sauce is mixed well with the espresso.
  4. Steam your milk of choice and pour into the espresso mixture.
  5. Top with whipped cream, grated chocolate and orange peel curl ( or grated orange zest)
  Ingredient Small (12 oz.) Med (16 oz.) Large (20 oz.)
1 Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce 2 Pumps 2 Pumps 3 Pumps
2 Torani Orange Syrups 2 Pumps 3 Pumps 4 Pumps
3 Dilworth Espresso 2 shots 2 Shots 4 Shots
4 Milk or Milk Alternative 7-8 oz 11-12 oz 15-16 oz
5 Optional – whip cream Garnish on top Garnish on top Garnish on top
6 Optional – Bakers Chocolate Garnish on top Garnish on top Garnish on top
7 Optional – Orange peal Garnish on top Garnish on top Garnish on top
The cool part about Torani Orange Syrup it wont curdle your milk like most orange syrups!


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Explaining Our Units Of Measure

To Ensure you are getting the exact quantities you are looking for we have put together a guide that shows what each of our units of measure equate to. Be sure to check quantities as you add to your shopping cart and at checkout!

Cases Vs. Bottle

1 ) CS12 = A case of 12 – Cases can not be broken up into single units

2 ) BTL = A single bottle  – Can be ordered in any quantity

Bag Vs. Case

1 ) LB = A single Bag  – Can be ordered in any quantity

2) CS06 = A case of 6 – Cases can not be broken up into single units


1 ) Each = Sold by a single unit

If you have any questions, please call your friendly Dilworth Coffee account representative or at (800)-835-5943.

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FedEx Transit Map

When will my Delivery reach my location?

Our preferred shipping carriers are FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight (FEDEX). Other carriers can be accommodated, but all freight cost will be the responsibility of the customer. In the event of large wholesale orders, heavy items, special orders and oversized orders, LTL (pallet) service is available. Orders being shipped LTL carrier require an extra 24-hour notice to make carrier arrangements. Customer requests or additional charges required to receive LTL shipments are the responsibility of the receiving party.


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Thanksgiving Hours Of Operation

For the 2020 Thanksgiving Holiday; Dilworth Coffee will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 26th – 27th. Order, Shipment, and Pick-Up times are listed below. If you have any questions please call your friendly Dilworth Coffee account representative or at (800)-835-5943.

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Ordering Individual Units

We know that ordering a full case of syrups, frappe mixes, and smoothie mixes maybe too much for you to use at one time. Many of the most popular mixed items are available by the individual units. For the most up to date listings and detailed SKU’s please refer to your portal account or ask our customer care team for detailed listing.

Product lines with select group of SKU’s available to purchase by the individual unit include:


  • Blended Ice and Coffee Frappes






  • Smoothie Classic Blend Fruit Purees.
  • Smoothie 100% Crushed Fruit Smoothies
  • Smoothie Organic Fruit Smoothie



              • Classic Syrups
  • Sugar Free Syrups
  • Foodservice Sauces


  • Classic Syrups (limited list of 750ml Glass Bottles)
  • Classic Syrups (750ml PET Bottles)
  • Puremade Syrups (limited list of 750ml Glass and PET Bottles)
  • Classic Sugar Free Syrups (limited list of 750ml Glass Bottles)
  •  Sugar Free Syrups (750ml PET Bottles)
                            •  Food Service Sauces
                            •  Real Fruit Smoothies (limited list)


  • Retail tea sachets




  • TABZ Coffee Cleaning Tablets BLUE
  • Grindz Grinder Cleaner YELLOW
  • CAFIZA Powder Espresso Machine Cleaner RED


If you have any other questions please contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at  (800) 835-5943 or

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Dilworth Coffee – Wholesale Online Ordering Portal / Available Now


Congratulations on taking the next steps to ordering with ease with the Dilworth Coffee online ordering platform or (Portal). Below is a complete guide on how to get started with a list of resources to explain features of the online ordering.Once you have created an account (If you haven’t CLICK HERE) you can log into your new Portal account with this link : HERE – Be sure to save this under your bookmarked favorites for quick access.

When you first log into your account be sure to review and confirm your account details. To do so click My Account in the Quick Access Menu.

 Next look for My Addresses after this has been selected you will be able to add your address for your business by clicking Add Address in the upper right as shown bellow. Make sure you only enter in the first 5 digits of your zip code and not the +4.

After you added your Address locate and click the Saved Credit Cards Tab, here you will then add the credit card associated with your business that you make your purchases with. To add a card click the red button in the top right corner after you are on the Saved Credit Cards Tab

You are now ready to explore the freedom of online ordering with Dilworth Coffee! Click on the home button shown in the picture bellow and begin shopping by clicking on the shop tab.

If you have any questions please call your friendly Dilworth Coffee account representative. (800)-835-5943

-Setting up your account-

Step-By-Step Setup Click here!

-Logging in your account –

Step-By-Step Login Click Here!

Favorites and History Explanation

Adding Favorites and History FAQ




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Search & Brand Search

Easy to find products

a step-by-step overview on how to find any product on the Dilworth coffee online ORDERING platform!

Log into your Wholesale Account and navigate to the Shop under Products & Ordering.

Next, locate the categories tab on the left hand side and click BRANDS. This will create a drop-down menu.

The brands menu will allow you to navigate through all of our carried brands to either ad them to your cart or favorites list.

Another option that is available is to search for your item in the search tab located directly next to the home button.