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Golden Turmeric Maple Latte

Quarterly Featured Drinks:  March 2020

Seasonal LTO Drink Recipe

Golden Turmeric Maple Latte



  Ingredient Small (12 oz.) Med (16 oz.) Large (20 oz.)
1 Two Leaves Turmeric Powder 1 flat TBSP 1 rounded TBSP 2 Flat TBSP
2 Pure Made Torani Maple Syrup 1 Pump 2 Pumps 3 Pumps
3 Milk or Milk Alternative

Prepare your cup with the appropriate amount of Turmeric. (Pro-tip; add a small amount of hot water to the powder and stir it up to a “espresso like texture” for more homogenized beverage). Add Maple syrup, or substitute your favorite sweetener, for example Vanilla to the powder. Add milk or milk alternative.